Foreword:These are some of my three line poems written at various times. I can not call them haikus or senryus since the Japanese are a fine lot and they are quite definite and strict about content and composition. Still, the idea and challenge of compact poetry is quite appealing. Needless to say, these three-liners will figure in my book if it finally comes out some day. I recommendhttp://www.wonderhaikuworlds.com for some insight into serious Japanese poetry. Cheers.



Sleek hand crafted steel
she was all blade
and no handle.



Red nectar stain dries

dull moth goes with dawn

bruised pale, your lips.



Tattered blue, stained crimson

cruel bloodbath to the West

the day is done.



Profound oceans, slight puddles

truth is cradled,

rocked gentle, on a peepul  leaf.



Bright morning

laughter spills pebbles

from a child’s pocket.



Words burn as ink dries

the quill escapes

sliding barely faster.



Hip-hop stammers to school

naked, vulgar and foul

trips on sense, slips on grammar.



Duck takes to water

all duck

and no water.



Friend takes to drink

all drink

and no friend.



Copper in your hair

fire in your belly

smelting Irish woman.



Today, so like yesterday

same river, skies, mountain

clever impostor..



Brandishing flags

of imperial crimson

cometh new communists..



Shrill, annoying child

tired slumbering mother

man wails at nature.


Note on ‘The Dark One’: Refers to a Hindu fable, where Lord Krishna, as a baby,

floats peaceful on a peepul leaf, with the whole world drowned

in an apocalyptic flood.

4 responses to “13 THREE-LINER POEMS

  1. Hey Prithvi

    Loved your site, though some of it is overhead!!!

  2. Hey Prithvi,

    Thanks for visiting my blog – it led me to yours and I like what I saw. Must come back here often.

    About your reply to my article – people never care about what they already have.. they reach out for something that’s beyond, thinking that’s even better; not realising that it will be their ruin or not knowing its implications till they’ve gone too far.

    It’s sad! Humans in their present form are imperfect and doomed by their own greed!

  3. Narayan Das Raman

    We had ‘In poem Town’ at Sainik. Though our teacher Mr. Soanes took us through the moves, we (backbenchers) spent more time defacing the text, colouring up Macaulay’s face and calling him Dracula, E.V. Lucas became ‘evide vaada Lookose’. Was a treasure trove of the finest poems.

    Love your three liners, Old Flame, Glee, Bleak Music, Town Drunk, Kilkenny Girl, Illussions, all of them. Cheers.

  4. Dear Prithvi
    These may not be Haiku written for magazines
    But they have a haiku or senryu quality!
    I welcome them in Wonder haiku worlds

    Bright morning
    laughter spills pebbles
    from a child’s pocket.

    I like this especially

    Best regards

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