Hello world!

Hello World…

I am an old-school man from southern India. The present finds me working my way through life in the large, historic and rather noisy city of London. I have been here for a few years now, adding to the accents, views, insecurities and other eccentricities in general. In the coming days, I aim to use part of this blog as the screen for a shadow play, without a prewritten script. The reason is that I do not need to sell anything anymore, like a resigned and retired whore. If you read my postings, I warn you that they can only be as good as I am. That is unconditional bail. Thanks for walking through. Cheers.


One response to “Hello world!

  1. Hi – come out from behind the screen and give life to the central character you want to portray . Shadow play never served anyone well as far as I know. The ghosts are real , with flesh and blood – show them up for what they are , exorcise any still clinging on and move on … at your pace …. Even if you have nothing to sell , you will find those wanting to share ….. Girija

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