These are times when football stars and equally semiliterate pop artistes write their autobiographies before they are twenty two. Since it is a thriving business, I believe that it must be worth quite a lot of money, in the initial stages at least. I do not know what profound insights these celebrities have on offer.


As I browse through the titles at W H Smith, I observe that the books that cost the equal of about ten pints of ale on launch are now worth two pints. Sorry, no, the cost of ale has not gone through the roof recently. For the price of five ales, you can have a football star, boxing champion and catwalk queen bundled, with a mature combined age of sixty two.


Mankind boasts of documented literature, art, music, architecture and other evidences of human refinement for the last couple of thousand years or so. Albeit for a money motive, publishers and other promoters of the fine arts have brought us books, exhibitions and performances that have constantly kept us in touch with our achievements.


We once had publishers and art dealers who persistently refused to touch talents such as Hemingway and van Gogh. I congratulate the likes of Wayne Rooney, Paris Hilton, Jade Goody and Amir Khan who have finally convinced the establishment to see the tunnel that ends all light. More ale please…


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