The Bomb in Kabul


As the week began, a car laden with explosives was driven into the Indian Embassy in Kabul. Now, almost two days later, most governments and the UN has condemned the attack. The investigating agencies have so far cleared The Divorced Women’s Association of Mumbai, The Bee Watcher’s Council, Save Street Dogs Forum, Greater Mexican Flamenco Troup and a few other similar bodies from the suspects’ list. Curiously, where no one has come forward claiming responsibility, the Pakistani Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gillani was quick to deny any involvement of his country, though most of the Taliban and Al Qaeda warlords are on working holidays in Pakistan’s North West. It is common knowledge that while the ordinary Pak soldier is trying to shoo them away to keep the US happy, ISI, the Pakistani secret service is leaking the army moves to the terrorists well in advance.


Prominently figuring among the list of organisations that have not commented are various Muslim Associations of International Brotherhood, the Hamaz, the PLO, Hezbolla, the SIMI, Lashkar-e-Tayiba, the local Muslim Political Groups and their hundreds of publications and electronic media. It may be noted that this was the same group that had nothing to say when the Taliban blew up the Bamyan Buddhas under orders of Mullah Mohammed Omar.


Though I am straying from the subject, here I would like to comment briefly that Bamyan, till a thousand years ago was part of the ancient Hindu and Indian Kingdom of Gandhara where Hindu and Buddhist monasteries thrived and lived in harmony. Bamyan also formed part of the famed silk route. Recently it has emerged that the earliest recorded use of oil paint was found in the Buddhist murals of Bamyan caves. The Moslem conquerors later occupied the area and set about destroying all traces of other cultures and religions, as they have almost always done, wherever they have gone, given the opportunity.


Coming back to Kabul, India is among the forefront of nations that are committed to rebuilding Afghanistan. India has pledged $750 million for the purpose. Also, hundreds of Indian engineers, technicians, medical staff and other workers are labouring full time in the country. Other than having a stable and democratic neighbour, it is quite easy to see that India has no great military or political ambition in Kabul. But unfortunately stability and democracy are two words most hated by militant Islam. An irresponsible coward or a brainwashed idiot or both, in a bomb laden car has taken a few dozen lives, including that of women and children. Why is it that the self-righteous and hypocrite Islamic websites such as got nothing to say about it? Is it because the hands that fund the bombs are the same as the ones that fund the facades, propaganda and justifications?


Now in my early fifties, I grew up in a quite neighbourhood in India where Hindus and Moslems lived together as families that loved each other. The Ummas send us great brass vessels of Biryani for Id and our Ammas sent huge containers of hot Payasam in return during the harvest festival of Onam. Umma or Amma, they both meant mother. One of my favourite teachers was a Moslem and his son my best friend, to this day. I played in the same hockey league team as my father had, with dearly loved and brilliantly talented Moslem team mates, some of them good enough to play for India. I grew up reading and admiring Vaikkom Mohammed Basheer and listening to Mohammed Rafi. There were many Moslem families I could go to and demand a meal. A Moslem gentleman, who loves me like a son, taught me to drive a car and ride a bike without accepting any rewards.


I have an appeal to all my friends, from all religions. Accept the truths. Respect history. Stop listening to the extremists. This world has enough space for a hundred more peaceful ideologies, no matter how cranky, including Scientology. Tomorrow, there should be enough humour left in this world to accept Lord Xenu and Saint Cruise, his rock, upon whom He built His faith. Any belief that is easily insulted or readily scarred is immature and shall not stand the test of time or the scrutiny of reason. I believe that all my good Moslem friends will stand with me in my views. I have always loved them and respected them. Where are the kind Sufi Saints and their eternal verses?


AN UPDATE: On 08/10/2009, a second bomb has gone off outside the Indian Embassy with twelve people dead and eighty wounded. It is much less than the 44 deaths and 147 wounded because the suicide bomber could not drive through the fortified barriers. Till September 2009 India has spent $1260 million dollars in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. The publicised aim of this expenditure is to help a neighbour. The hidden purpose is to appease the millions of Moslems in India. All this money would have been better spent in exterminating the Pakistan based jihadists in Kashmir and the China backed insurgents in the North East Frontier. Why does India insist on pumping water into a volcano? It can bloody well implode into its grand destiny.



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