It was a few weeks ago that dozens of bombs went off in major Indian cities, including Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Jaipur. More than fifty innocent men, women and children were killed, all of them while going about their daily peaceful life. A group called the Indian Mujahideen claimed responsibility for these ‘brave’ killings. Indian cops, though often branded a bit crude in their methods, usually get their man. In this case, they have got several. All of them belong to the Students Islamic Movement of India, or SIMI, as the acronym goes.


The self-proclaimed mission of SIMI is the ‘liberation of India’ from western materialistic cultural influence and to convert it into an Islamic society. It is widely believed that Al Qaeda has penetrated SIMI. In 2002, SIMI was banned by the Indian Government. Now it is proven beyond doubt that Indian Mujahideen is just another avatar of SIMI.


Today the television channels, especially ASIANET carried interviews with senior policemen who were responsible for the arrest of Mufti Abul Bashar Qasmi, the mastermind behind the blasts and his accomplices. In the talk show that followed, the newscaster talked to several politicians and journalists. One of them was Mr. Abdullah, a senior journalist from Kerala. It was Mr. Abdullah’s attitude that prompted me to post this blog. He talked as if SIMI was the local boys’ volleyball team, who have been ‘naughty’. In a way, he reflected the general attitude of majority of Muslims who secretly admire what their brave little kiddos do. So when is the local Imam going to knock on my front door with his SIMI sidekicks and compel me, a non-Muslim, to have a holy circumcision? Liberating India indeed! Like weeds growing on a fertile garden patch, militant Islam is pushing its roots through free democratic India. 


Alright. Islam is the greatest religion on earth and the only God of the universe is Allah. We have ten thousand years or so of known civilization, and lo, a mere 1500 years ago, suddenly a voice from the deserts tells us that the rest of us are pots of compost. That includes Jews, Christians, Hindus, Parsis, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and the rest. Thanks. After all we have been around for only a few more hundreds/thousands of years and thus, more ignorant. Every Islamic extremist must remember that every square inch of land they occupy today belonged to another faith they have either chased away or exterminated. The complete lot of us, the infidels, have been quite passive about the whole thing.


All the followers of Islam tell us that it is all about love and lovingly calls us Kafirs. At its purest, Islam is the most intolerant and destroys all forms of other faiths. For proof, look no further than Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan; see what they did to the Bamiyan Buddhas, what they are plotting against the Angkor Wat temple. No Moslem priest has spoken a word against this religious vandalism since, certainly, the Taliban and similar bands are Allah’s right-hand men and are busy doing His job, bombing bus stations, playschools and hospitals. Has any poor Buddhist ever spoken a word against Islam?


What did Islam do to all the believers of other faiths who had originally lived in countries which are the present Islamic Republics / Sheikhdoms / Dictatorships? Why is it the ‘Great Religion of Universal Love’ shunning democracy wherever it flourishes? Why are you silencing your women? Why are your rulers corrupt beyond belief? Why do the Arab princes lead lives of debauchery in Europe and go home to preside over beheadings, hangings, deaths by stoning and brutal whippings? How many wives does the aged King of Saudi Arabia keep? What are the daughters of rich Moslems doing in the nightclubs of Paris, New York and London? Why are these people beyond the reach of your strict Sharia Laws? I will tell you why. It is the same corrupt, decadent Moslem rich that fund your terrorists and your mullahs. Without their blood money, you can not buy anymore Kalashnikovs and bombs and keep yourself occupied.


At the drop of a hat, a Moslem in any other society screams of discrimination. From a wholly Muslim society, no news of how they treat others ever come out. Of course, there are good, kind, loving Moslems. I know quite a few. But they are the ones most hated for mixing with us Kafirs and for treating everyone equal.


Where will all this hypocrisy end? To the great relief of all, till the last reports came out, the most number of Muslims are killed by their own kith and kin. Thanks almighty, for saving the rest of us from that single blame. It takes no pundit to know that militant Islam is behind more than 50% of this world’s unhappiness, persecution and bloodshed. So, instead of screaming and pointing your fingers at the rest of us poor folk, who have been around for much longer and with much more peace, harmony and tolerance, why don’t you call a conference of your semiliterate mullahs and try to see some light? It may not be too late. The world is still a big place, especially for small minds.

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One response to “GOOD MOSLEM, BAD KAFIR

  1. Girish Thampi

    Mr. Prithviraj,

    Excellent analysis. I suggest you please send this to some newspaper like Pioneer in India (of course not to anti-Hindu, Hindu) for a wider audience. Hindu is the only newspaper to give space to “profound thoughts” of someone like Arundhati Roy, who calls Anna Hazare “anti-secular”. I hope you would also write and expose conversion brigades like the Pentacostals, Jehova’s witnesses etc who think they are the only anointed ones.

    Best wishes,
    Girish Thampi

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